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Plenty of things have been going on over the last few months which have meant updating the site has been very slow indeed. I’m gathering up a handful of new projects to pop on the site as well as taking some new shots of some recent sheet steel artwork that I have done recently.

I’ve been fortunate to have an early peek into the new social media platform Ello , Still finding my feet on there and enjoying the countless inspirational posts by a slew of very talented designers, photographers and creatives. It’s great to be part of something in it’s infancy as it develops and to share the experience with the other users and it’s founding members.

It’s a really welcoming and inspiring place to be, I can see it being a valuable way for creatives of all types to connect on a level that no other social platform has managed to as of yet, I’m sure it has a bright future ahead of it and I wish Paul Budnitz and the Ello crew all the best with it’s success.

If you’re already on there then give me a nudge and say Ello (ello.co/iamunknown)



One project I have had the pleasure of working on the last few months has been the artwork for the new John Fairhurst album “Saltwater”.  John and I discussed the thought processed behind the album and the reason for the title. After an enlightening sea swimming experience which nearly saw him off he wanted to pay homage to the experience and new outlook on life within the final package.

It didn’t take long for me to have the idea of getting John underwater to get some shots for the cover.  I tortured John for a couple of hours trying out a few different things seeing what might work well within the short time frame we had to produce the final image.  After about 800 frames shot with the camera the final image jumped out over all the others taken.

We ended up after further discussions with John handwriting all of the sleeve notes and title by hand using a home made quill pen and ink to give it that little extra personality throughout.

We’re both really pleased with the final result which cements John original thoughts for the concept of the album. I was really lucky to have a collection of great images from a handful of other photographers to use throughout the rest of the album sleeve continuing the water theme and a nice illustrative piece to use on the CD body itself. I shall post more images of the final product soon, head over to his website to grab yourself a copy.



I’ve been a pretty huge fan of the electronic musician Clark for a good few years now, he’s on my dream list of musicians to work with without a doubt. His new self titled album is a fantastic collection of his skill as a sound craftsman and the artwork to the album really blew me away with it’s concept and execution.

Thought I would drop it into this post as a nice little bit of inspiration and to spread the word in case you were unfamiliar with his work. Photographer Alma Haser was responsible for the cover of his 2013 remix album “Feast Beast”, Really love her crisp photography style, she’s well worth checking out too.

Design & Layout : Dominic Flannigan
Cover Photo & Concept: Alma Haser
Red Inner Photography: Tommy Nease
Monochrome Inner Photography: Dmitry Mazurov

Some more shots of the album sleeve here: Warp Records




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