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Oxidised Forms - Neil Warburton

The last few months have been busy ones, I’ve been in the studio working on various projects including working on some new portfolio pieces that I’m hoping on launching on a website update in the not too distant future.

Alas, I didn’t win in the Stocksy photo awards, the competition was too great for me to walk away with either of the awards for the two categories I was nominated for. Being nominated alone was a real honour as I was side by side with some photographers that I admire greatly, Who knows what next year could bring.

I have a number of projects in various stages of completion at the moment, some of which will end up as lovely polished things and some will be put on a shelf for later.

Miro has had to take a back seat for a little while but I do have a good collection of prototypes and tests sat here and I’m happy with the way the project is coming along. I need to sit down and gather my images of the moulding and casting process together and update the process page for the project. I intend to pull my socks up and get that done in the very near future. I will be launching a small run for sale via Etsy very soon in various colours as a pre production version.

I’ve been working at prototyping 3D objects on the computer recently as well as some architectural visualisation. The power of 3D rendering never fails to impress me the more and more I get into it. I have a number of pieces in the pipeline including some lighting and desk planters which are in early prototyping and design stages. My recent 2d experimentation into geometric forms is spilling over into my three dimensional work which is throwing up some interesting tessellation designs. With time some of these items will make it into the real world in one form or other, I’m interested in taking my moulding and casting knowledge further into slip casting ceramics and some of the new forms I have been creating would work beautifully in that medium.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Experimentation with some 3D forms

Oxidised forms

New Oxidised Forms experimentation, Stained Rust.

Miro Mould Making - Neil Warburton

Mould making

Miro Army - Neil Warburton

The growing army



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