Stocksy Awards and Miro Update

Stocksy Awards

Well then, it’s hard to know where to start…

I’m very pleased to announce that I have been shortlisted for two categories in the 1st Stocksy Annual Awards for Landscape Photographer of the year and Travel Photographer of the year. Being listed alongside the overwhelmingly good talent in both categories is extremely humbling indeed.

Voting is open to the public after registration with the site. The quality of work in each category is extremely high and I highly recommend taking the time to run through the nominations and see some stunning photographic work.

My Stocksy portfolio now has possibly the best selection of curated landscape work I have ever refined into one place. I’ve been working hard to get the best selection of work from my archive on there and to see it all sitting together makes me really proud of what the last 3-4 years of serious photographic work has produced.


Miro is coming along with leaps and bounds recently. Material testing has proved very successful and I’m close to starting the first run of 25 that will soon be available to buy via various outlets. I’m working on the final touched to branding and packaging at the moment, something that’s been sitting in the sidelines while the physical object of Miro has been refined and perfected.

From the off there are going to be two versions available, a plain plastic version and a flocked version, both in white but other colours will be available as time goes on including some exclusives set aside for various retailers.

I have to send out a big thank you to Zoe Robertson for being amazing and doing some flock testing on some sculpts. She has helped produce some wonderful final prototypes to give me the best idea of how well the flocking process can look on the final casts. Thanks Zoe, you’re a star! You can check out her wonderful work on her site

I’m toying with one final piece of equipment before the full first run goes underway, a rotocasting machine. I have a set of nearly completed plans all that’s required now is a final gather of required materials and an afternoon in a friends workshop to see a fully operational casting machine come to life. This will give the final casts a perfectly unified shell and perfect finish, hand turning the casts is not an exact science I’ve found. Though perfectly suitable for a final product a much cleaner cast from proper rotocasting will give them the integral strength and uniformity I’m after in the final product.

There should be a branding update on the site soon along with a full rundown of where the Miro production stages are at as well.

Exciting times, pop back soon for more.


Miro - Neil Warburton

Miro Logo - Neil Warburton




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