Stocksy Video / Interview

Back in February I spent the day with fellow Stocksy United contributor Brian Powell. Brian has been on a wonderful quest with his camera gear visiting various Stocksy photographers and filming short interview profile pieces with them. I had the pleasure of spending the day with him filming and shooting a video about my good self and my landscape photography.

We spent the morning shooting the talking head bits in a wonderful location on the edge of Lake Windermere and then headed to the hills to do some location shooting. Being a Monday on a not so spectacular day weather wise we had the area of Great Langdale to ourselves which was nice. We headed towards the head of the valley to the left side of The Band via Oxendale Beck then up past Hell Gill. We stopped when we got to around 5oo metersĀ  to eat and so Brian could film the timelapse seen at the start of the video looking out towards the Pike of Blisco.

The plan then was to head up to the saddle where the three tarns sit at the final push to the summit of Bowfell. The weather was really picking up at that point (see the video at the bottom), we had gusts of upto 60mph and graupel, snow and ice were shooting over the saddle horizontally like shrapnel, it didnt take long for ice to start forming on our jackets and everything else we had with us.

Due to limited time we were unable to summit Bowfell, Brian had to make his way to Galashiels that very evening so we really had to speed things up to get him to the station on the other side of the Lake District. The final shots we managed were of me stood on the rock shooting down over toward the Pike and Browney Gill just in time for the weather to really break and sleet and rain to chase us all the way back to the Old Dungeon Gill where we parked.

I’m thrilled with how Brian managed to capture the essence of the day out and the expanse of the landscape with the little time we had to do it. My full interview, which elaborates a little more on my film, can be found here:

I hope it inspires a few more people to get out to the hills.


Stocksy shoot-15
Brian shooting the stream jump scene.

Just in case you wondered why I was walking so slowly at the end of the video here are the wild winds at the saddle.



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