Thoughts and projects

It’s been too long since my last post. Seem to say that every time I post on the site… I’m planning a new site in the not too distant future, I’ve had this version online for a good number of years. The lack of responsiveness and other things bug me now, It’s getting time for  change.

I’ve had a lot of projects bubbling away since I last updated the site, I’ll be dropping these on here soon (promise). One thing I would like to post about is my latest finalised project. If you follow me on social media you may have already seen the slow growth of the art toy I have been working on called Barky Dog. I’m planning on having these online for sale by 12am GMT tomorrow (Thursday 27th April), There will be a limited set of 10 available here:

Priced at £25 each +p&p, the proceeds will be going straight back into a second larger series of 25+ if they prove popular.

I’m in the process of writing up more information on the project along with images I’ve gathered along the way to illustrate the process and how this piece of work came to light.

I’ve set up an Etsy shop to sell the dogs and collaborate with fellow furniture makers, artists and designers. I’ll post more about that soon, not enough time in the day to cram all of this in at the moment, exciting times.

Along with the aforementioned post, I will be doing another update on the blog and adding some more recent work, musings and what the coming months ahead have in the pipeline.

Pop back soon for more info.






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