Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new site!

After many iterations of the website over the years I feel this is probably the most comprehensive and informative collection of of my work and skills.

I aim to dig even deeper and add a lot more information on specific projects, along with informative posts on projects I am working on as they happen. My Bronze Skull sculpture has a detailed description of the process involved in it’s creation to start things off.  After a bit more searching for pictures on some dusty old hard drives I intend to update the Bubblegum Monster and Miro as well.

I wanted to produce a site that shows all aspects of the creative projects I embark on and be the kind of website that I enjoy visiting myself. There’s nothing like seeing work in progress information and processes to get inspired,  I hope the new site will inspire others to try new creative avenues.

There may be a few bugs here and there while I iron out the creases of the functionality of the site and add a few bits here and there so bear with me. I shall crack on as there is still plenty to be getting on with and some more new and old work to add.

Hope you enjoy the new look and work.







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